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Monsoon Rains

by Billy Harfosh

Monsoon rains wash the bad karma away,
shine the shrines,
rebuff the already buffed
not needing water or sunlight to stay above dirt,
just a hope of a belief,
a next life,
a bird, an ant, royalty.

Monsoon rains reincarnate souls already sold to the devil.
They speak and show new peaks of beliefs,
a next life,
rags to riches and beyond.

Monsoon rains continue to pour,
reevaluate the poor,
grow the stunted,
feed the unfed,
replenish the surplus,
keep the fortunate in check.

Monsoon rains speak to the heavens.
The saints and monks scrub their souls clean.
Monsoon rains reveal a truth about a morning,
a lie about a night
and give a glimpse into the future.

Copyright © 2012 by Billy Harfosh

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