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Missing Emilie

by Michael E. Lloyd

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Book II: Reparations

Foreword (De Profundis)

In the summer of 1966, when I left this place for the second time — and for “freedom” at last — I grandly told the prison padre that I was thinking of writing a novel some day. A story about picking up my life again. But I also said I would only attempt that when I felt I had reached a significant point in my efforts at reparation for the mistakes of the past.

From the start, things went very differently from what I had planned or expected. But although only fifteen months have passed since my release, I feel I am — ironically — now safe again at last, and I believe it is time to start to tell that little story.

It is dedicated, of course, to Emilie.

Arthur Narone
Nice Prison
October 1967

Postscript: And now my story is completed, and my third departure from these depths is imminent. May I find true freedom this time.

AN, April 1968

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