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by Thomas F. Wylie

who’s to know
who’s to say?

This is not your
Public Service Announcement
no no no
check the flow
Prostate Specific Antigen

Universally despised
male hate and dread
numbers to suggest alive
numbers to fear dead

Look and look again
PSA numbers are
not your friend

Drip drop drip
samples into cup
hip to hip

3.9, 4.3, 5.7
up up and up
trending or

Normal is a moving target

Flow easy flow out
flow stop
check the stream
long is good
short and

Watch out!

Search sample and
Digital Rectal Exam
probing an unknown
that might be
inside the man

More men die with it than of it

Watchful waiting
active surveillance
trips and appointments
sleepless nights
quick stops
no lights

Gleason scale
benign or inflamed
what will data suggest

of your name?

Copyright © 2012 by Thomas F. Wylie

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