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Challenge 473

As Light as Geologic Time

  1. In Julie Wornan’s “Feathers”:

    1. The poem uses a series of metaphors embedded within one another. What are they?
    2. What point of view does the poem take in its depiction of time?
  2. In Afzal Moolla’s “The Markets Are Down”:

    1. What “markets” is the poem talking about? What does “down” mean in the poem?
    2. Which of those “markets” is not “down”?
    3. How does the poem apply to the current state of world affairs?
    4. What is the tone of the poem: earnest? sad? ironic? sarcastic?
  3. In Amy S. Tripp’s “Reality Checked”:

    1. What is the meaning of “checked” in the title?
    2. How does Alyssa’s perception of reality evolve? In what ways does it gradually merge with her mother’s?
    3. What might be the moral of the story? To what does insanity seem preferable?
  4. In B. Z. Niditch’s “Picking Up Pasolini”:

    1. What does the title mean?
    2. What might the phrase “coming from Manhattan” mean? How might it be reworded for clarity?
    3. Is the flash fiction a story, a vignette or an outline for a story?
  5. In Mike McGonegal’s “Rosemary”:

    1. Is the flash fiction a story, a vignette or an idea for a real or fictional memoir?
    2. Suppose someone suggested it is actually a prose poem. How would you answer?
  6. In Denise Streiner’s “The Unhinging of Hariett Markham,” what events are unexplained? Aside from the transformation of some of the characters, do any events seem implausible in context?

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