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Report on the Raid at Medicine Hat

by Catfish Russ

Part 1 appears
in this issue.


Interview with Medicine Hat couple
that suddenly walked out of the zone

Carl Winthrup: We knew it was time to go. The others had all decided to leave.

Interpol: Who are the others?

Carl Winthrup: The rest of the residents of Medicine Hat, those that decided to leave.

Interpol: Those that remained. I’m confused. You mean some of your neighbors left? Where did they go?

Carl Winthrup: H-Space. You might say they are all still in Medicine Hat. They have simply moved into a much larger space.

Interpol: What caused this change, Mr. Winthrup? What the hell happened in that town?

Mrs. Winthrup: You know what happened.

Interpol: Why don’t you tell us?

Carl Winthrup: Why don’t you tell us? Whose idea was it to allow the Americans to poison us?

Interpol: Obviously, you left for a reason. Was there dissension within the ranks?

Carl Winthrup: You are changing the question. That won’t work here. Not with us. No. We have children and grandchildren. That is all. Others who want to stay will probably be right where you last monitored them.

Interpol: Where are the men who disappeared in Medicine Hat?

Carl: Winthrup: What men?

Interpol: You know what men.

Mrs. Winthrup: Oh, the ones you sent in on reconnaissance. And then the raiding party. The ones who fired on us while we were unarmed and had done nothing provocative. Oh, those men. The ones who took a party in force over a recognized border of a sovereign nation and attacked its citizens on suspicion that they sympathized with the oppressed masses in the dictatorship known as the USA.

Here, give me a piece of paper and I’ll help you find them.


They’re in there. Safe and sound, and maybe utterly confused. And before you go in chasing after them, if you don’t know the numbers, you’ll never find your way out.

Interpol: Would you like us to hold you in solitary confinement?

Mrs. Winthrup: You can’t hold me. You can’t hold any of us. I’ll walk through the walls and go into your house and sleep on that ragged beige piece of crap sofa.

Carl Winthrup: Maggie!

Mrs. Winthrup: ‘Maggie’ what? What can they do to us? I could fold his ass like a napkin.

Interpol: How do you know about that sofa?

Mrs. Winthrup: I slept there last night. Hell, I sleep there almost any night. It’s so comfy it just eats you up. Of course your dog lies down at the floor by the sofa and farts until I have to find someone else’s bed to sleep in.

A few nights ago I slept on your couch, and then got up and went into your spare bedroom where you keep your Karate trophies. You’ll find my fingerprints all over your cheap plastic statues.

Interpol: How did you get out of here and into my home?

Mrs. Winthrup: I pulled angles.

Interpol: What exactly does that mean to pull angles?

Carl Winthrup: Maggie!

Mrs. Winthrup: Like I just do the geometry on an object. I can see the algorithm that describes your chair. I decide to divide it. Multiply it. Alter its geometry. I just do the math.

Interpol: How did you come across this new... talent?

Mrs. Wintrup: You gave it to us. The Calming Water. You gave us too much and it changed us. But every once in a while when it seems the ball always goes the wrong way, sometimes, it goes the right way. Sometimes in the mathematics behind the chaos that you think you are creating, we can see the patterns and influences and constants that in fact you are just as much a part of the whole equation. Yes. You gave us this gift. And for that, I have to say, thank you.

Interpol: I think you’re full of it.

Mrs. Winthrup: I’m not, big boy.

[Loud cracking sound created when air rushed in
to fill the space the Interpol agent had been occupying]

5-2-22, 11:01 a.m.

Interview with eight year-old witness, “Meghan”

Interpol: So Meghan, tell me about where you saw the unicorn.

Meghan: It was in the field with the girl.

Interpol: You were in a field.

Meghan: I was in the car and Daddy stopped to get gas. And Mommy was asleep in the front seat. And I saw a little girl standing in the cornfield. And behind her there was a unicorn.

Interpol: What was the little girl doing?

Meghan: Saying hello.

Interpol: She was talking to you through the window?

Meghan: No.

Interpol: She was not at the window.

Meghan: No. She was in the field.

Interpol: When she was talking to you, what did she say?

Meghan: She told me that we were not supposed to stay in town. And then she showed me the unicorn.

Interpol: And then where did you go?

Meghan: To Grandmama.

Interpol: In Seven Persons?

Meghan: Yes.

Interpol: Did you tell your grandma about the unicorn?

Meghan: Yes.

Interpol: Did she believe you?

Meghan: She said the Devil was in Medicine Hat and to stay away.

From NetBotNews

Uray, Russia. 5-5-22

Located on the Konda River in the Kondisky District of Central Russia, authorities are baffled by mysterious occurrences around the town. For one, no one can get in or out of the town. Communication is blocked by what Russian investigators working for the police are calling “unknown technology.” An anonymous source told journalists that the residents who are known to be Luddites and a source of funding for the anti-American Luddite cause.

A video of a man trying to breach an invisible barrier at Uray’s town border was wiped off the botnet today by unknown censors. American BotNet censors declined to comment or answer direct question about their involvement.

Russian Prime Minister Troykin commented that “the aging Empire is up to subterfuge again. Unable to withstand the slightest bit of dissent or God forbid, exposé, the Americans conduct secret operations inside foreign territory.”

In Vietnam, the town of Hue is said to be “under a lockdown imposed by foreign operatives,” another insinuation that America is somehow responsible for the mysterious rash of lockdowns around the world.

Scientists at the Royal Canadian Science Foundation pointed the finger at America’s secret police.


Interview with unidentified Medicine Hat resident
who remained behind

Interpol: Why did you remain behind?

“Martha”: I am happy like this. I didn’t care much for the transformation. I’m something of a Luddite. I still don’t use processors of any kind. And yes, I am a vegan. So no, I didn’t enjoy the newly found... changes... as exciting as others did.

Interpol: What was the wall made of?

“Martha”: The wall was a barrier we put up in the fourth dimension. You couldn’t perceive it, but it blocked your path anyway.

Interpol: Can you see in four dimensions?

“Martha”: The changes caused by the poisoned water are permanent.

Interpol: Are you happy about that?

“Martha”: I am neutral to it. Once you go through the transformation, you realize special perception doesn’t make you any happier than regular perception. You realize that the important things in life are so simple and so profound. They are things like a boring Sunday afternoon. Looking at the sunset. Sharing a meal with everyone else. In “n” dimensions, those things don’t change. It awakened something in all of us. The awakening continues. Neural pathways are being opened in brains across the world.

Newsweek cover, 7-1-22

At Reidsville Penitentiary in Georgia, jailers let all the inmates go. Those who had no place to go hitchhiked on Highway 16. Most were picked up by strangers.

Russian officials are trying to explain why, in May, Russian Missile Command Colonel Dmitri Vostokovich powered down the launch sequence processors and let all the propellant out of the four RT-2 Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missiles under his purview at the Dvina Launch Complex in Latvia. He emptied the money drawer at the paymaster station into a bag. The paymaster was outside the launch compound gates feeding the birds and deer something from a burlap bag. Vostokovich took the money to the train station and gave it out to a line of beggars who had been squatting under the train trestles and in culverts long since abandoned by a previous industrial boomlet.

In North Korea this week, the gates to the 38th parallel Joint Security Area opened. Guards from North Korea apparently took off their uniforms and slowly walked into the woods surrounding the DMZ.

The jailer at Huntsville prison in Alabama cut the power to the infamous execution chamber.

What on earth is happening?

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