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Report on the Raid at Medicine Hat

by Catfish Russ

part 1 of 2

Recording 4-22-22, 10:51 pm

Interview segment with Douglas McCarthy, III,
convicted burglar

McCarthy: So my boy John and I climbed over a chicken wire fence, and I had a tire tool. A crowbar. John had a .45. We crossed the backyard and went in through the backdoor. I smashed the window and reached in and turned the handle. When we went in, we both just lifted up off the ground. An old woman come out of the kitchen and stood there.

I said, “Hey let us down. I’m sorry. We’ll just leave.”

She floated us back out the door and we rose up in the air and hung over the back yard.

Interpol: Why didn’t your accomplice use his gun?

McCarthy; Have no idea. Once we floated for a few minutes, it felt really good and peaceful. Like I had just smoked a blunt.

Interpol: How long were you up there for?

McCarthy: A couple of hours. A repairman come out back and fixed the window and put a deadbolt on the door. We tried to yell to him but he couldn’t see or hear us. Then we floated back over the fence about twenty yards and turned around and we set back down on the ground. We both just took off for the apartment.

Interpol: What did you do with your crowbar, and what happened to the .45?

McCarthy: All I can tell you is that once we were inside we kind of woke out of this fog and neither of us had anything. His gun was gone and my tire tool was gone.

Interpol: So you don’t know where the gun is.

McCarthy: I do not know where the gun is.

New recording 4-21-22

“X”: Your body typically creates the neurotransmitter serotonin by grabbing loose amino acids out of the cell protoplasm and manufacturing it. We figured out a way to create serotonin and other calming agents by creating the precursor amino acid chains in water and adding tryptophan hydroxylase and some re-uptake inhibitors and diethylamide. In tests, aggressive agitated people who drank this water calmed down. Many slept for days.

It was the perfect weapon, and it was promoted as a weapon. You know, to be used against America’s enemies. America’s enemies were in America though. So it just became a perfect tool for control. You have an entire town that is harboring militias, and you put this into the water supply, then two days later, walk in and take what you want. And whom you want.

But in the test areas there was no public violence whatsoever.

One of the researchers noticed that in test areas, normal violence fell to zero. Not even a traffic accident. People drove 12 miles per hour slower on average. In fact conflict disappeared. He of course was the guy who had figured out the concoction to begin with, and he also felt there was a sort of... I don’t know how to say this...

Interpol: However you want to say it.

“X”: Well there was a big fight at the lab about this.

Interpol: A fistfight?

“X”: No, sir. Academic brawl. This researcher “Archer” believed that super-abilities resulted from the stimulation of a series of neural pathways that have been dormant for a long time. Like the folks who can make huge calculations in their heads in seconds, or remember every single note of a song after listening to it once.

But he started citing Rupert Sheldrake and his Morphogenic Fields hypothesis. He said that if you plugged into a Morphogenic field, essentially a group of deeply held beliefs, then whatever existed in that area of beliefs would be real for you. So fundamentalist Christians who live in the Christ-Like Morphogenic Field might actually be possessed and later exorcised.

So the rationalist camp just blew a gasket and said that was all crazy. You can imagine. They were posting notes on email threads about the California Crystal Energy group working out of the Northwest Territories office.

There are many in the rationalist camp who believe that there is only a physical world and it is ruled by laws. Until we learn all those laws we won’t really rule. You have to understand that the agency tends to attract people with extremely polarized opinions. It sees little advantage in creating a culture of open-mindedness.

“Archer” claimed a victory by saying that the concoction was not just calming people down by promoting serotonin production, it was allowing the residents to reduce local violence non-locally, like a quantum entanglement event, which he then equated to a Morphogenic Field.

Interpol: Go on.

“X”: Can I smoke?

Interpol: Bobble?... OK. You can have ten minutes in the courtyard. Want a coffee or Coke or something?

Interview resumes:

“X”: At the end of the day, it didn’t matter to the Agency what it did to people. The FDA wasn’t going to see this stuff and there was a problem it was needed for.

Interpol: You mean the Raid?

“X”: I mean the Raid. That’s a tame word to put on it.

Interpol: OK.

“X”: This was Medicine Hat, Alberta. An illegal raid into Canadian territory to stop dissidents.

Interpol: Go on.

“X”: Well, two MH-80s with AAR’s sped over the water supply...

Interpol: What are AAR’s?

“X”: Acoustically Attenuated Rotors. They don’t make as big a thump when they fly over you. Silent helicopters. They each dropped a package into the feedback pump station in the purification plant.

Interpol: The water supply was open to the sky?

“X”: It had just rained. The Canadians fight drought by collecting rain when it rains and melting snow accumulation and storing it for later.

Interpol: OK. Thanks. Go on please.

“X”: Well, both of them dropped two packages. In other words, twice the amount of Calming Water concoction and twice the amount of re-uptake inhibitors, diethylamide, etcetera. It was a clerical error. The error was not discovered immediately. Had the scientists known, they probably would have done something, because the idea is that this stuff works dramatically and no one had ever tested an overdose. So we didn’t know what to expect, we just expected something big.

So after a week, the mistake came to light. The only thing that happened the whole first week was in fact kind of weird. Two people, living a house apart, both picked the same lottery numbers and split a $13 million jackpot. All in all a few people seemed nice and calm but the overall docility didn’t turn them into obsequious subjects. In fact they seemed ornery, like xenophobic New Englanders. So we called off the raid until we saw a change in behavior.

Interpol: Why did you decide to tell us about the dosing error?

“X”: I guess I believe that poisoning people in another country just because they pose a threat to you is not legal either. This country does bad things and has to be held accountable.

Interpol: OK.

“X”: We started noticing strange things. Power consumption slowed down in Medicine Hat. Doesn’t seem like a big deal. But we watch other things too, like if people are clean and how much water they use and how much TV they watch. None of that changed. But power usage dropped to ten percent of normal.

We installed some sensors in the power lines and figured out that two people, both engineers had created some kind of smart grid sensor that shut down the power flow to unused power ports. So if you went to work, the electricity flowed to the things that you needed, like the fridge, but the other plugs in the house went dead.

Interpol: Pretty sophisticated.

“X”: Tell me. Gets stranger. Military drones, some of them disguised as birds or insects, could not get any data from the town. So when we looked at the video feeds into the area, they were clear. Then when the drone made it over a target area, the data blurred.

Interpol: Blurred?

“X”: Missing data points. So pictures that would otherwise be crystal clear were fuzzy. Signal intelligence almost disappears over Medicine Hat.

Interpol: Why were they still monitoring the town?

“X”: Feds wanted to start the raid. They kept holding off because strange things kept happening and I guess everyone thought it was the double dosing.

Interpol: What was happening that was weird?

“X”: The gatherings. We noticed people were gathering in small groups in the park, or in each others’ living rooms and they would just... just sit and close their eyes, like they were meditating. Once three thousand people went to a public park and stood silently for three hours, then quietly disbanded.

Interpol: What did the agency think was happening?

[Remainder of this session has been redacted.]

Recording 4-30-22

Interview with couple that drove into Medicine Hat to get gas

UNSPECIFIED INTERVIEWEE: They were all sitting up and sleeping. We drove into this Chevron station and saw a group in their backyard, just sitting still.

Interpol: So you filled up and drove out?

UI: No we filled up and we passed that house and we walked past a wooden fence across the street and looked at them. They were motionless. Then we walked back and drove out.

Interpol: How long did you watch?

UI: About three minutes.

[Remainder of this session has been redacted.]


Further discussions with whistleblower

“X”: Anyway, car traffic out of Medicine Hat almost stopped. People who lived in Bullshead and worked in Medicine Hat suddenly stopped returning home. Wives were calling the airbases and police departments around them and filing reports.

Rumors started spreading that the U.S. had kidnapped people because they were supporting the insurgency from Canada. But we knew that was simply not true. The fact is, we had no idea what was going on in Medicine Hat.

The more time passed, the less data returned from the town. And the more the U.S. wanted to raid it. The paranoia at the Agency got out of hand. There seemed to be nothing they could do to penetrate the town. So they decided to kidnap the mayor and his family. Again a couple of silent assault helicopters were inserted into the town.

Interpol: What happened?

“X”: Who knows? Contact dropped off over the township line and we never heard a thing from them again. No instrument on board the craft operated, including about 12 transponders.

We noticed some other weird things happening. The Agency set an outpost in a highway motel in Seven Persons. So we called in people from the materials labs and the weapons labs at Wright-Pat. All Ph.D’s. All fully pro-American, utterly vetted out.

They start setting up instrumentation. We had machines, bots actually, in the form of small vehicles that drove themselves: insectoid drones, robot earthworms. And we were going to send a fleet of them into the town and see where the data dropped off and how. Anyway, they were calibrating their instruments and one of the guys noticed something. In fact he said to me, “Hey... in Seven Persons, a circle has only 358 degrees.”

Interpol: What?

“X”: The boiling point of water had changed, the specific gravity of an egg or a glass of liquid had changed. Objects fell at 9.9 meters per second squared.

Interpol: And everything else worked?

“X”: No. Weapon systems didn’t work. Guns didn’t fire. Knives lost their edges. Fire-control radars didn’t work. Infrared tracking warheads wouldn’t track. You could watch Canadian sports on any monitor. The Blue Jays, the Mapleleafs. That was kind of funny. But if you wanted to point a weapon at something it always malfunctioned.

We sat and tried to watch Casino on the screen and it would not play. We tried to watch Fast and Furious 12. Wouldn’t play. Everything else would play. It was like there was a big nanny in the room with everyone. You couldn’t play with guns or see violent programming.

[Remainder of this session has been redacted.]

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