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by Mike McGonegal

October 15, 2011 for JA

Was it ever any question
Can a loss exist without
While we’re talking can I kiss you
Would you feel it
Would it change you
And why is it that I miss you

I read your name and sigh aloud
I see your face
Those popcorn eyes
And in my mind your Sunkist breath
Will whisper past that “What’s up?” upper lip
“Enough of this
Let’s go to bed.”
Snow White has made it to my head

Two thousand times I’ll hold the door
A million times I’ll listen
With at least a dozen pokey flowers
Two tickets to the concert (floor)
Watch you shop for half an hour
Eighty bucks another pair of shoes
Infinity I’ll hit on you

Don’t let this go to your head
I stay up writing all the time.

Copyright © 2011 by Mike McGonegal

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