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Whiss... chang!

by Max Keanu

Hey, Meyou!
Let’s swim, let’s dance
We’re happy, tiny hands
Tiny feet, just us.

Our floating world is
Forever? Our heaven.
No! Youme, listen! Voices!
They say nothing’s forever.

Whisssssssssssssssssssssss... chang!

Our mother walks daily
One hour, heart heavy.
Prays, begs him, Forgive me!!!
Cries alone. Pleads.

Whiss... chang!

Dance, dance, happy
Together, we grow
Kick mom awake
Inside out. Play.

Whisss... chang!

Meyou, squeeze my
Umbilical to mommy
I’ll squeeze yours, ha-ha.
Mommy, we’re hungry!

Whissss... chang!

Youme, listen, feel, mommy
In shower, warm water cascade.
Out there, so wonderful!
Mom’s home. Six by eight cell.

Whisssss... chang!

Mommy so sad, resigned
World gone mad, black, white
Daddy, dead. What is...
Murder? Thou shall....

Whisssss... chang!

Not kill. Mommy!
Sad, again! Why?
World wonderful
Waiting for us.

Whisssss... chang!

Birth! Not today Youme.
Meyou, you ready?
Lives together, from the start
Soon depart, life’s starts.

Whisssssss... chang!

Birth! Today! You go first.
Contraction! Okay, let go of me.
Bye-bye, Youme. The squeeze.
Tight. See you on the outside!

Whissssssss... chang!

Here I come. Contraction!
Behind you, Meyou
So scared. I hear
Other voices. Emerge...


* * *

Evie, tried, lawyer did too
Stay refused, honey
Thirty days is all...
All white jury.


Thirty days! By guillotine?
My babies! Mother love!
New lives! Mercy!
Ain’t fair! All’s lost!


Life ain’t ever fair, baby.
Black woman loves
White man’s demands
Abused. You only protected...


Murder in the first? Premeditate?
Evie, the babes... just fate.
Give away? Orphans?
No ma, no pa. Pray for them.

Whisss... chang!

* * *

Meyou! Air world, so loud.
You. Gone. Umbilical? Gone.
Oh, this world, so beautiful!
Our outside mommy, so unhappy!

Whisssss... chang!!

Youme, I see you
At the teat. Love. Mother.
Taste. Smell. Hear. Life!
Our wonderful world!

Whisssssss... chang!

Days pass. Priest comes.
Mommy cries, prays for us.
Taken away. Goodbye you, you!
Dead mama walking. Goodbye, Mommy


Meyou. Youme. Separated. Forever.
From me, from all I was
So much, love in us
Family, should be

So warm to touch
So soft to sleep
So soothing
So love
So much... to learn!


Copyright © 2010 by Max Keanu

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