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Drama Dr. Grant has a birthday party; Wynfield is arrested. Marina J. Neary, Hugo in London, scene 9; scene 10.
Novella Pavlysh continues reading Nadezhda’s diary to Dag and Sato. They surmise that the robot-controlled ship collected museum specimens for a distant civilization. For Nadezhda, that could be the worst part of a bad bargain: Kir Bulychev, Half a Life, chapter 4, part 1; part 2.
New contributor Elyss G. Punsalan introduces Apo Leticia, a litaniera whose prayers seem to have power against illness. She’s a caring, honest soul, and even Death befriends her: Pursuit of the Litaniera, part 1; conclusion.

The true name of the deity gives life to the golem, and the golem’s name is Resistance: Mimi Rosen, Extraordinary Man.

You’d think a good-looking fellow would have advantages in approaching ladies, but when he’s a vampire, sometimes he just can’t win for losing: Clarise Samuels, The Vampire Papers.

Great pillars of achievement may stand on the random gravel of unrecorded history: Ian D. Smith, The Timeless Mr. Thelwall.
New contributor Jasmine Silver depicts a couple whose lack of communication puts them In the Lobster Pot.
Poetry Ashok Rajamani, In India, Soaked in Sweat and Sex
John Stocks, You Disappear
Cleveland W. Gibson, Death in the Moonlight


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Elyss G. Punsalan and Jasmine Silver.
Challenge Challenge 409 tools about in Motorboats on the Styx.
The Art
Üzeyir Lokman Çaycı, Winged Trilobites (mandala)
NASA: Picture of the Day
Sky and Telescope, This Week’s Sky at a Glance

Bewildering Stories News

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