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by J. B. Hogan

Rock and cement chips scattered
on dusty, littered streets, flashback:
bamboo and jungle ferns strewn
on soggy, grass-covered paths.

Wide, arid plains spread out below
distant, gray-brown mountains, flashback:
narrow, rain-gorged rivers leading
to far, foggy, claustrophobic green hills.

Humvee and Bradley tanks; rattling
patrols on death-dealing roads, flashback:
Jeep and ancient APC; rumbling
missions on body-littered streets.

F-16 and Blackhawk helicopters firing
over minaret and into sacred mosque, flashback:
F-4 and Huey helicopters strafing
over temple and into forgotten village.

Desert camo, young and buff
fighting the new millenium’s crusade, flashback:
jungle camo, young, and on self-destruct
fighting to win the long, cold war.

War of liberation, freedom, and the
imposition of unenforceable democracy, flashback:
war of disengagement, democracy and the
imposition of unenforceable freedom.

Copyright © 2010 by J. B. Hogan

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