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In Hiding

by Arnold Hollander

It is there,
hiding amid the detritus
of the fallen moon,
the moon whose
reflection split like
shards of broken glass.

It is there,
hiding on ground
consecrated by
the blood of warriors.

It is there,
hiding in the shadow
with memories now faint
of cataclysmic battles
waged and lost.

It is there,
hiding from those
destroyers seeking to
make this world theirs.

It is there,
hiding and building its strength
waiting to reclaim the world,
a world where two suns
joined to light up the sky,
a sky now chalky and leaden.

It is there,
hiding now in plain sight.
If only the enemy
could see through
its chameleon-like skin,
its weapons newly evolved,
and its numbers’ rapid increase.

It is there, and there,
and everywhere, soon
hiding no longer.

Copyright © 2010 by Arnold Hollander

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