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Magic Arrow Sale

by Robert Shmigelsky

In the lonely corner of a crowded city marketplace a passing consumer sees a golem holding up a wooden sign on which he reads:

Magic arrows coming in four varieties. Fire scorches; winter chills; thunder flashes; gorgon turns to stone. Shafts fashioned from the branches of Treants. Heads forged from mythril, metal as light as a feather. For fletchings the feathers of mythical birds: rocs, phoenixes, cockatrices — to name a few. All of which then infused with magic substance in the hue of the spell that was used to give every batch of arrows a gleaming shine and the extra firepower you desire.

Magic arrows sold in shops in rolls of ten. Now practically the price of regular arrows!

Paying not a thought, the passerby swerved away and, head tilted up, proceeded to the crowd that had assembled, where another golem could be seen holding up a sign reading: “Magic Arrow-Replenishing Quivers, available now for you to buy!”

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Shmigelsky

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