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Challenge 380

Echoing Thoughts

  1. In Mike Voltz’ “Summer Rain”:

    1. What is the first visual clue that Aaron Hand is a folk devil?

    2. By what stages is the townspeople’s degradation depicted?

    3. The rainmaker mocks the Preacher by quoting Matthew 5:45. How does the quotation point out the fatal error — or even tragic flaw — of the Preacher and townspeople?

  2. In what way is John Stocks’ “The Late Night Martin Kellner Show” related to Oonah V. Joslin’s “Tapping the Salamander,” in issue 379?

  3. Who is speaking in Bryce R. Piper’s “What To Do with the Shoes?” Does it parallel or contrast with Eric Bennett’s “A Good Tailor,” in issue 353?

  4. Can you reconstruct the sequence of actual events in Alexandra J. Ash’s “Afterthoughts”?

  5. In Bertil Falk’s “With No Regrets”:

    1. How is Virginia Thompson’s personality depicted as ambiguous?

    2. If Virginia were a complete psychopath, i.e. conscienceless, how might her visit to Fr. O’Brien be shown as manipulative rather than sincere? What might her motive be?

    3. Virginia’s plan to kill Terence seems far-fetched though not impossible. Is her “plan” actually a rationalization after the fact? Do Virginia’s relations with her husband and others constitute exercises in power and cruelty rather than anything else?

  6. In Lily Mulholland’s “Special Delivery,” Mr. Scott’s bicycle run to the sperm donor clinic is added for dramatic effect. Why do such clinics normally require that donations be made on site rather than at the donor’s home?

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