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Future’s God

by Laurie Corzett

I go forth
via technology
like a cyborg
like an astronaut
studying the far reaches of
metaphysical space.

There is no face to hold me
to expected form.

Back in the far reaches
of humankind
there was no need for the
binding of religion.
Small bands of kin with
common legends
knew what everybody knew.
It was not until population grew
beyond the constant face to face
that a binding form
needed to be evoked
of common ceremony, festivals,
deities, seeped in ritual,
the glue
of worldview.

Fast forward into the future.
Glue dissolves, as, like atoms, we find
invisible network
built on mysterious attraction.
Why die for angry gods
we no longer need?

Copyright © 2007 by Laurie Corzett

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