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Somebody Knows

by Harry Lang

Mom and dad had it made
grooving to The Soft Parade.
Imagine there’s no heaven;
pretend we can be free of war.

Good and bad might be the same.
Politics is just a game.
If it feels good there’s no shame,
no matter who you bruise or maim.

They don’t tell me; do they know
where spirits of the dead must go?
They all guess; they all suppose
but it’s killing me. Somebody knows.

Questions come but they don’t go.
Gurus say we shouldn’t know.
Don’t have to reap if you don’t sow;
just spend the night or let it snow.

Feelings are exhausting me.
Minds were made for certainty.
Nothing good loves anarchy.
Truth is all that makes us free.

Got to know where I will go
when stones don’t roll and doors all close.
I can guess; I can suppose
but it’s killing me. Somebody knows.

Copyright © 2010 by Harry Lang

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