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Return To Me

by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

Come back to me in the smoky sputter
Of a black candle drowning in wax,
Return to me in the dreamy haze
Of a cotton candy pink sunset
Surrendering to a silent, black mirror of lake,
As lavender moonlight brazenly fingering
The bent cobalt willow,
As the last breath of summer breeze
Clicking through a curtain of stained glass beads.

Come back with your worried eyes, tentative smile
Across the bitter soup of time, light year miles.
Come back with a house of buried bones,
A gray bouquet of razory stones,
Shattered shells from our merciless sea.
Trembling from my voice, you heard in a dream
Return to me.

Or, are you the kind of shallow god
Who absconds when souls have found their knees,
Setting his disciples free?
Get over your Self.
Return to me.

Copyright © 2009 by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

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