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Two Movements, One Design

by Anna Ruiz

you’ve had
neti neti
and the bliss is
wearing out,
you’re walking down
an unfamiliar road
and there is no turning back,
the road is disappearing behind
you with every step you take,

you’re quite beautiful now,
you know,
your feet light as wings.

* * *

when you think about it
you can’t help thinking about it,
it’s all you can do to muster up
the energy to stop thinking
but the thinking never stops,
it just draws your attention
like water inside a straw,
you suck in whatever it is
that pulls you, one direction and
not the other,

the light is green and you stop,
fall asleep at the wheel, wake up
and now you’re caught in another dream,

you change your clothes, you change your lifetime
and you wander about the desert of your free association

you have given up your thoughts for another dream of
liberation and the shadow curls around your finger
as you point to your own demise.

Copyright © 2009 by Anna Ruiz

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