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At a Town Hall Near You

by Arnold Hollander

Come and meet your neighbors
a Town Hall’s coming to you;
it’s going to be a real hoot,
if you don’t mind throwing shoes.

There will be finger-pointing,
and gesticulations wild,
some cussin’ and pushin’,
someone acting like a child.

You’ll meet the misinformed,
the misguided unbelievers,
the academically challenged,
the phony-fact retrievers.

So come on out and join us
for a bashing real good time.
Meet and greet the neighbors
nothing they do is out of line.

In some states they can carry
and carry on they do,
they figure showing handguns
intimidates more than flying shoes.

It’s our new form of entertainment
not unlike reality TV,
and it’s sponsored by our government,
but what the heck, it’s free!

Copyright © 2009 by Arnold Hollander

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