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The Dream Cannibal

by Alexander Salas

The two fiery red eyes from outside the bedroom window frightened Ricardo. He froze. His heart raced. A foul odor filled the air. Ricardo felt the wetness spread throughout his pajama bottoms.

Hide! Hide! Ricardo threw his Spiderman blanket over his head. He shivered like a wet Chihuahua.

Mother had warned him about the Dream Cannibal, but Ricardo hadn’t believed her at the time.

“I am tired of you staying up all night.” Ricardo remembered Mom’s words. “Little boys and girls need to be asleep by ten o’clock. You know the Dream Cannibal feeds on kids’ dreams. If you do not sleep, you do not dream. If you do not dream, the Dream Cannibal cannot eat your dreams. Instead he will eat you!

Ricardo heard the squeak of the window being opened.

Eyes squeezed shut, Ricardo begged. “Please... please... please.” His covering was yanked off of him. Ricardo was exposed.


“Ricardo, what’s wrong with you?” Ricardo’s Mom asked as she held a corner of the blanket. “You have a bad dream? A nightmare? Did you wet the bed? Oh, Ricardo. You are too old for that. And why is your window open?” She marched over to close the window. “Now you change into dry pajamas and I will get you some clean sheets.”

Mother left. The bloodshot eyes returned. This time the Dream Cannibal smiled, brandishing rows and rows of yellow, razor-sharp teeth.

Copyright © 2009 by Alexander Salas

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