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What’s in Issue 354

News: This is the last regular issue of the summer or winter quarter, depending on your hemisphere. Next week we’ll bring you the Editors’ Choices from issues 343-354. We’ll resume regular publication on October 5th.

Novel George, Esther, and Mike Horn have their work cut out for them: to convince the Prime Minister to call a high-level conference. George’s spaceship will do very nicely as a demonstration:
Gabriel S. Timar, The Hades Connection
Novellas In the mysterious labyrinth under Ortenberg castle, Jenny Appleseed and her minions discover the treasure left by partisans from the peasants’ war, and the prize is a metal casket. But it seems to have a mind of its own:
Bertrand Cayzac, Floozman : First Episode with Figs and Riesling
Walter Wobble joins the throng attending Professor Mrak’s outdoor speech. Walter is not the only one there who has suffered loss at Mrak’s hands:
Bill Bowler, The Bohemian
Chapter 14: The Prize
Chapter 15: Ground to Air, conclusion
Serial Dutch and Mrs. Medina discover the strange truth about the missing tenant, and in the process they begin to realize something about each other: Tabaré Alvarez, The Troubleshooters, part 4; conclusion.
The game is never over till the last man is out. And sometimes the game is larger than the one being played on the field: Stefan Brenner, Andy’s Innings.

Tom has a home in both the city and the mountains, but where is he really? Bob Brill, City Man, Mountain Man, part 1; conclusion.

One can drink from the fountain of youth, but at a price; and the price may involve a double trade-off: Rob Crandall, Harper’s Pond.

Have you ever wondered what the mysterious beings of the Himalayas are up to? What happens when they find out about us — and realize it’s just a little more than they really wanted to know? D. A. Madigan, A Dish Best Served Cold, part 1; conclusion.
Take a spin around the galaxy: Channie Greenberg, To Be Millionaires, We’d Have Gone Into Dermatology.

New contributor Aaron Rowley reveals contradictions in the mind of a self-appointed euthanasist: Angel of Mercy.
Poetry Marta T. Coppola, Fortune Cookie
Oonah V. Joslin, Fret


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Aaron Rowley
Challenge Challenge 354: What’s In It For You?

Challenge 354 Responses:
Tabaré Alvarez discusses The Troubleshooters
Stefan Brenner reflects upon Andy’s Innings
Bob Brill writes about City Man, Mountain Man
Bertil Falk and Don Webb discuss The Pastoral Myth
Gary Inbinder and Don Webb discuss The Hades Connection
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