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In the Woods

by Arnold Hollander

I think they said the moon was full; it happened just that night.
An early morning fisherman found him and had a fright.
He was hanging from a tree amidst others in the stand;
police later determined he had died by his own hand.

A local TV news station reported on this story
omitting victim’s name, details that were gory.
Answers not forthcoming, our interest slowly waned,
for without this knowledge there was nothing to be gained.

Anonymous tragedies occur, we learn of them each day,
sparking morbid interest and morbid things to say.
I wonder the reaction if the victim had a name.
Would we forget as quickly, our behavior be the same?

[Author’s note: This poem was inspired by a news report that ended as a mystery.]

Copyright © 2009 by Arnold Hollander

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