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Casey Quinn, Snapshots of Life


Snapshots of Life
Author: Casey Quinn
Publisher: Salvatore Publishing
Price: $11.36
Length: 88 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9561552-0-7
American poet Casey Quinn observes the irony of everyday life with a keen eye and razor sharp wit. The 88-page collection is available for only $11.36 at any of the following locations:


“Snapshots of Life is a good first effort by budding poet Casey Quinn.” - poet, RD Armstrong

“Casey Quinn is the real deal. There’s no pretense in his poetry. No fakery. He just goes out there, day after day, and gets the job done. You can’t ask for anything more than that.” - poet, John Yamrus


i want to be just like John Wayne

drink my whiskey
while laying down
the law

a real, gritty,
down to earth,
no bull, straight shooting,
type of man

lead with actions
not words

stand up for
what is right

take the moral
high road

a man respected
and beloved
by all

i want to be
John Wayne

right after
i finish
my mocha latte

i’m going to my salon
and get my hair styled

get new denim clothes,
a big hat,
and cowboy boots.

i’m going to be
just like

my niece

i talked
to my niece

i had not
seen her
in years

i told her

how tall she got,
how grown up she looked,
how smart she seemed.

she told me

how fat i got,
how old i look,
how dumb i am.

it’s really great
to catch up
with the family.

when asked to paint the world

when asked
to paint
the world
through the eyes
a terrorist

the painter

homes and

office buildings
and airplanes

school buildings and
the vision was
almost finished

the way
she thought
it ought
to be
and when the last
stroke was done

she stepped

and lit
the canvas on fire

to complete
the piece.

family of strangers

the internet
and computers
and video games

there were
and television
and radio

and before
all of that

there was
a family

that just liked
to hang out

read books
and talk
to each other
about their

hoa safety blanket

streets of

owners pay
to ensure each
the standards

three bedrooms,
two baths

privacy fences are
not allowed

pools are,
only if
in ground

no one
can be different

too grand
too run down

we like it
this way.

less risk
of someone

standing out.

ceramic in the sink

a broken mug
of memories

purchased before graduation
to remember the lessons of
those college years

used daily

in the cubed life where
spill stains remain
for the new occupier

brought home
in a cardboard box
when layoffs
hit the bank

and drank
every day since

during hours
of labored love
in a home office
where dreams
are still chased today

while the mug
is gone


Copyright © 2009 by Casey Quinn

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