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Letters to the Triumvirate -- MarVeLouse 2003

First a cover letter from Steven Francis Murphy

Good Day,

My name is Steve Murphy, I post a lot at Asimov's.

I have sent three book reviews I wrote for the UMKC student paper, University News, during my time as a Graduate Student. There should be no problem with your publication using the material. I had a similar article republished by Soldiers for the Truth from University News back in 2001.

Feel free to use the material.


S. F. Murphy

Yo, Steven, we thanks you and we'll be printing a review an issue until we run out.

I asked new contributor Eric Z. Fox for a brief biographical blurb

well my blurb is that I'm a 27 year old man in Pueblo, Co working at our local library as I play the suffering armature novelist/author. Have several poems and short stories available for free on

And last, but not least, a whine... Send us more letters!


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