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A Garland of Verse

by Ashutosh Ghildiyal

Let me make a garland of verse for you
For words are all I have to give

Long have been your days and nights
Lengthy your weary trials

Let me create word music for you
And elevate you to soaring realms

Where the milky white clouds floating
Upon the lustrous night’s canvas

Shall give testimonies of your poetic grace
And words will join together in applause

Let us open a bottle of our mutual wine
And sit by the door to our love street

On a dreamy morning reminding you of me
While the music of the spheres plays along

And while the music plays, let me also sing
With an eraser voice smoothly dissolving

The frozen tears on your time-weary face
Sanctifying the distance of empty spaces

Then let me strike the chords of harmony
And breathe poetic melodies in your jaded ears

And take you to a mind flight on the wordship
Bound towards the port of our purple sanctuary

Copyright © 2009 by Ashutosh Ghildiyal

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