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Challenge 336

Wild Rides

  1. In Graeme Reynolds’ “Leader of the Pack,” why might the anthropomorphic ending of the story be justified? How does the story relate to the subgenre of werewolf tales?

  2. In Casey Quinn’s “Margaret’s Garden Creation,” is the center of the story Margaret or Nurse Rona? Is Margaret pursued by lethal-minded plants or has she been misdiagnosed?

  3. In Rae Bryant’s “The Narrowest Ring,” Michael Anton will remember everything from his previous life until he says his first word in his reincarnation as a child. In view of Anton’s attitude toward women as a supposed adult, what might be a more fitting punishment?

  4. In H. E. Sapperfield’s “Tryst,” why does the bicycle serve as a means of releasing Carol’s repressed emotions? What function does it have in the story that a male character could not have had?

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