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Sitting in the Shade

by Arnold Hollander

the shade I sit in
keeps me safe
from the harsh
light of reality.
my name changed
many times along
with addresses I
no longer remember.
I had friends once
I had family once
now I sit in shade
sipping my grappa.

the shade I sit in
covers me as if
I was beneath a
blanket that lets
in only the tiniest
amount of light.
I like sitting here
in this way
in this place
in this time
enjoying solitude
sipping my grappa.

the shade I sit in
has turned fully
and completely dark.
stars dot the heavens.
I lean back studying
them thinking
perhaps they study me.
self-important am I
ego and greed were my
guides in this life
and they brought me here
sipping my grappa.

the shade I sit in
offers no protection
from memories relegated
to a dustbin full of lies told
and false hopes I easily sold.
really it was their fault
their gullibility gives them
culpability. I merely used
their failings for my benefit
they call me criminal
so here I now sit
sipping my grappa.

Copyright © 2009 by Arnold Hollander

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