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Time Travel Is Impossible

by John Gregory Hancock

Sure, it’d be nice to boldy sit
on liveried steed of Lancelot
or pinch the bottom of fair Juliet
and see what made Romeo hot

To buckle swash with pirates dead
or huddle under tall Colossus
to kick the Führer in the head
Smack Mussolini with galoshes

But think on this before you sleep
a Gordian knot is set in your path
a spatial hurdle you cannot leap
Under deadly weight of hidden math

For stars expanding outward flung
at speeds extreme and quite annoying
from points unknown to spots unsung
the measurements are not for toying

For even if enigma cured
of temporal manipulation
In years you’d hop, but here’s absurd...
you’d land at what location?

For where we find New Hampshire now
a million years ago was different
And where was once a silly cow
a trillion light years distant

“Just do the math!” you may exclaim
But beg to differ, here I ask you
Though you at axis x take aim
There’s z and y and maybe double-u

And if space folds in upon itself
a pretzel dipped in stellar salt
Things don’t stay neatly placed on shelf
nor stay when simply ordered “Halt!”

So even if you wrestle WHEN
and cause it singular distress
the WHERE will sneak around you then
and strand you, “lost in space” address

And the saddest realization rhymes
while drifting past the stars in fear
Oh, you can get there any time
you just can’t get there from here.

Copyright © 2003 by John Gregory Hancock

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