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What’s in Issue 329

Novel Richard K. Lyon, The Long Dark Road to Wizardry
While the Thesian army is sacking the city of Ermont, Druin goes in search of his grandfather, the wizard Mardarin. Druin is too late to save him, but the two of them combine in an eerie alliance and put young Breen in a position to help a rescuing army raise the siege.
Book IV: The Whispering Mirror
Episode 7: Ceremony of Fire and Death
Episode 8: An Inheritance of Duels, part 1; part 2
Serial New contributor Peter Cawdron introduces Cohen, a special agent who sees his own funeral in a time viewer. To prevent it, he must stop terrorists from detonating a nuclear bomb. Time is short: Countdown: Three Days, part 1; part 2.
Love at first sight can bring about big changes in a man’s life: Alan Delaney, Stricken, part 1; conclusion.

New contributor Myke Greenlese has the willfully mute Chumboy ferry the dandyish pirate Captain Shrub to search for buried treasure on the Cross Archipelago, part 1; conclusion.

A robot space pilot is supposed to take researchers on an aerial tour, but the robot has a mind of its own: Marjorie Salzwedel, Captain Webster and the Proprietary Scientist, part 1; conclusion.

Milton has problems enough being an unjustly defrocked ghostbuster, but to top it off there are women in his life: the otherworldly Edna and the all too worldly Alice: John W. Steele, The Curse of the Hirudineans, part 1; part 2; conclusion.
What if extraterrestrials arrived with an economic stimulus package but didn’t quite live up to Earthlings’ cultural expectations? Ásgrímur Hartmannsson, Robot Emissary.

What, no more pyramids? A pharaoh can get lonely in the Afterlife. Arthur at least brings him some amusement: Swan Morrison, The Kingdom of the Dead.
Poetry Michael E. Lloyd, History
Bill Bowler, Poems to Louise H.: Third Poem
Oonah V. Joslin, Full Flavour
Essays Graham Storrs, Why I Prefer Science Fiction to Fantasy
Mel Waldman, My Unknowable G-d


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Myke Greenlese.
The Critics’
Bill Bowler, Science Fiction vs. Fantasy
Challenge Challenge 327 response: Gabriel Timar, Gabriel’s Tsunami
Bill Bowler, Reply to the Challenge 327 Response
Challenge 328 response: Jan Hamlett, Challenge 329: Push That Banana
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
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