Bewildering Stories

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The Reading Room

by Jerry Wright

By Charles Sheffield

Charles Sheffield is dead at the age of 67. Just a kid, as it were. He will be missed. And we're ticked at him. He went off and left us in the middle of a new "Heritage Universe" cycle. Dr. Sheffield wrote 4 books set in the Heritage Universe, and at the end of the fourth book all of the Artefacts left behind by the long-vanished Builders had been destroyed, leaving no reason for the motley group of adventurers to ever get together again.

Resurgence brings Hans Rebka and his unwilling crew back together again with an expedition to the Sagittarius Arm, long thought to be inaccessible, but now, thanks to new information from a dead starship, not only is the Sag Arm just a few jumps away, but there are Artefacts there!

Many questions are answered, and Sheffield once again is great at showing us "hard SF" wonders, and cool aliens. But the story ends with second expedition to the Sag Arm in the works. Still and all Highly Recommended.

Copyright © 2003 by Jerry Wright