Bewildering Stories

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Almost an Angel

by Jason A.

White washed robe, a rusted halo,
And a pair of paper wings.
A pinned up smile, and an iron file,
For the gate where the angels sing.
When night came, I chiseled the frame,
And by morning I was in.
But had a bad start, I stole a golden harp,
And got a room at the 7th Heaven Inn.
When I was dressed, I thought I would impress
The angels with a tune.
But they scream and shout, and tell me to get out,
I just turned and showed them my moon.
Michael came by, probably just to say hi,
But sorry to say I was wrong.
He told me I can't stay, and be on my way,
I think I stayed too long.
He showed me to the gate, as I thought of my mistake
It was that moon, that did me in.
So when I try next time, I'll keep that in mind,
And make sure I don't do it again...

Copyright © 2003 by Jason A.