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The Human Program

by Anna Ruiz

There’s always a fatal error in any program:

The continuous loop program
with no variation on a theme,
or too much variation on the theme
begins to look and feel like hell,
which is a metaphoric program.
(heaven is an unprogrammed program.)

All programs are generally improved
with newer programs,
however that also is an endless process,
and we may not have time,
wherewithal and inclination to upgrade.

Some programs are infected
with intentionally-placed viruses,
this challenges the operating system
and sometimes serves to destroy it.

All programs need to be run
on some sort of operating system;
the operating system itself has only
so many years of virtual operating.

Where do I put myself? Do I need to reboot?

Ask me yesterday, a week ago, now,
a year from now, you’ll get a different answer,
based on my relative virtual reality
depending on the programs that are running
and how well my system is being maintained
from within and without.

The Anna-program has no back-up program installed.

Copyright © 2009 by Anna Ruiz

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