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My Regret

by Casey Quinn

Alone at night in random land,
I stumbled upon the man.

Bored and nosy, drunk and stupid,
I stood and observed his actions.

In the shadows he moved, his intentions unclear,
Until the lady happened to stroll near.

He snuck up slow, she didn’t know,
He had plans she couldn’t imagine.

I shook in fear and began to yell,
“Ma’am, lookout behind you!”

She turned to see but my delay was all he needed,
The attack was fast and messy.

She screamed in pain but no one came to aid,
I was her only chance of survival.

In the distance I heard police sirens,
But I knew they would make no difference.

A year has passed,
The lady is gone and buried.

Every day I visit her grave and
Beg her for forgiveness.

The man is free to roam the streets,
No leads to his location.

In silence I beg for him to find me,
And punish me for my weakness.

I write this now to reduce the pain,
From finding my remains in such a twisted condition.

For on this night, out my window I glanced
And saw the man watching me from a distance.

Copyright © 2008 by Casey Quinn

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