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Observation Three

Changing Hearts

by Michael E. Lloyd


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Chapter 35: Hearts and Minds


‘Is that DF?’


‘Big Ben here. Junior wants a quick word ...’

‘Ah, hello DF. Look, we’ve suddenly got the Press on our backs this evening. They’ve picked up again on the Mojave Incident, and they’re asking some difficult questions. What do we tell them?’

‘I’ll have to talk to Hi Rack. Hold the line ...’

‘That’s exactly what I’m trying to do!’


‘What do you think’s taking them so long?’

‘Dunno, mate. Not their problem, is it?’

‘Oh, come on!’

‘I mean it, old son. Get real. He’s probably in the sauna.’

‘This is crazy! It’s been at least ten minutes now ...’

‘Why the hell are you whispering?’

‘OK, Junior, you still there?’

‘Yes, DF.’

‘Right, I got you an answer at last ...’

‘Phew! He must have really been agonising over it!’

‘Nah, he was in the sauna. Anyway, he says you tell ’em nothing.’


‘You got it. And he needs a lot more men.’

Copyright © 2008 by Michael E. Lloyd

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