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An Un-Poem

by Anna Ruiz

I’m trying to write a poem now,
so if you’d be so kind...
help me with a word or two,
show me empathy squared
be my paragon of virtue

don’t tell me to swim against the tide
as if I could turn back
these waves
don’t hand me a syllabus
while my body weeps for your touch

don’t show me how pi is resolved into
infinity, show me where the cracks bleed
and where the light runs off, carry me softly
to the sequence of thought and let me rest
inside the long division between man and woman

write to me an endless love poem
that will always equal
the harmonic convergence of shooting stars,
write of music that raises the ruins of our lives
to its almighty splendor,
kiss me, my Darling,
and let no resistance pass between us,
memorize these words and sing them back to me

Copyright © 2008 by Anna Ruiz

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