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Grazie !

Emanuele Pettener

Thank you so much, Don. It was a honor and a pleasure to meet you, even though only electronically, and to see “Grassona” published by Bewildering Stories: I have really admired, indeed, the professionalism and the enthusiasm with which Bewildering Stories works. It’s something inestimable for whoever feels the joy of reading and writing, it gives you confidence and inspiration — and also the nice sensation of being part of a team. I hope to submit something good in the next months...



Copyright © 2008 by Emanuele Pettener

Our thanks to you, Emanuele! You’ve summarized the spirit of Bewildering Stories, and your words will encourage readers and contributors alike.

“Something good in the next few months”? We await it, agog with anticipation! “Grassona” is a very hard act to follow; it has been received with acclaim by the Review Editors and, I’m sure, the readers.

Felicitazioni !


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