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What’s in Issue 304

Novels Slawomir Rapala, The Three Kings
Iskald refamiliarizes himself with his old homestead in the Jewel, assumes his crown, and mingles with the people.
Chapter XII Heritage, part 4
Chapter XIII A New Beginning, part 1

Michael E. Lloyd, Observation Three: Changing Hearts
Quo and the Captain give Deep Fraught some clear encouragement, and he gets more bewildering orders from on high. Maelene and Toni experience the wonder of Niagara, and they and the Domans learn a lot more about each other. Quo follows DF as he courts his nation’s most favoured partner. The chilly Illuminators make a new friend in Toronto, then Toni is back in the mire! Maelene has to think fast to save the day.
Chapter 14: A Lowly Summit, part 2
Chapter 15: Rises and Falls
Chapter 16: London, England
Chapter 17: Some Like It Hot
Novella Thebazile would rather enter a monastery than marry Mizz Snilloc. The question is: which? Bertil Falk, Bias and Vanity, chapter 4; chapter 5.
Serial Tommaso’s career seems to depend on his kissing Grassona, and she presents him with an ample opportunity: Emanuele Pettener, Grassona, part 4; conclusion.
A beauty and a beast meet in a palindromic fairy tale: Dean Francis Alfar, The Maiden and the Crocodile.

New contributor Mark Bastable shows that great catastrophes call for great remedies: Just Like the Singing Cod.

Catastrophes overtake an interstellar ‘sleep ship’, but all’s well that ends well: Mark Lawrence, USS Endurance, part 1; conclusion.
New contributor Digby Beaumont has his hero try a very smooth pick-up conversation on someone who’s more likely to be collected than picked up: Not Me, No Sirree.

What might a dimnaut find at the end of vegetal evolution? David S. Bernstein, You Never Know What Will Turnip.

Who is most susceptible to prejudice? Keith Krogstad, The Crowd.
Poetry Carmen Ruggero, Don’t Whisper That Good Night
Memoir New contributor Terry J. Larson recounts what led up to his meeting with a famous person: Finding My Way.
Discussion Bewildering Stories News: Terry Pratchett, The Million-Dollar Terry Pratchett
Carmen Ruggero, Full Circles


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Mark Bastable, Digby Beaumont, and Terry J. Larson.
Challenge Challenge 304 Tails You Win?
Letters Emanuele Pettener, Grazie !
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
NASA: Picture of the Day
Editorial Jerry Wright, Review Opportunities

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