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What’s in Issue 298

Novels Slawomir Rapala, The Three Kings
Iskald would rather risk his life in mortal combat than suffer the pangs of jealousy.
Chapter X Redefinition, part 1; part 2

Michael E. Lloyd, Observation Three: Changing Hearts
Toni and Maelene are footloose in Santa Monica. He’s loving it, but she just can’t relax. Meanwhile, politicians and functionaries alike are finding the Doman challenge very hard to stomach.
Chapter 4: Free and Easy
Chapter 5: Home Discomforts
Novella On the harsh colony world of Elvidner, the colonists may have friends among the aloof ‘immortals’ remaining from the original starship: Danielle L. Parker, The Bats of Elvidner, part 1; parts 2-3.
Serials ‘Evil won’t ever drown. It just sleeps for a while until its terrible hunger makes it rise again. But that’s okay, because good doesn’t sleep at all’: Shannon J. Prince, Why Magicians Have No Epitaphs, conclusion.
Jack Creed and his men are bemused at confronting a would-be world conqueror who seems just a little quaint: O. J. Anderson, Die Already, II, part 1; conclusion.

A son must decide whether the truth or a lie is better for a dying man: Ian Cordingley, Cleaving of the Mind.

How can a mere human rise to power among superhuman androids on the planet Gamma? The answer is really quite obvious for that world’s future ‘Uncle Joe’: Gary Inbinder, Survival Among the Fittest.

‘Winners never quit’ is Todd’s mantra. But what if he can’t win for losing? John W. Steele, The Achiever, part 1; conclusion.
Fiona Davis shows how a personal sacrifice can take someone to The Far Side of the Moon.

Who did you look like when you were a baby? Jennifer Walmsley, Into the Light.
Oonah V Joslin, Ludek’s Dawn
Anna Ruiz, Lovers, Bedpans and Skunks
Essay Ed Burger, A Duck is Not a Human, part 1


Challenge Challenge 298 hears plans of a Conquest Too Late.
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