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Alessandro’s Unexpected Traverse

by Michael Alan Potter

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part 3 of 5

Out of desperation he decided to have a closer look at the cylinder. It had a rounded seamless stainless steel door and there seemed nothing to fear. Its sole marking was a burnished circle at one point on the cylinder wall and he touched it to find out if it felt different from the rest of the metal.

A door silently opened and Justin jumped back startled and fearful but nothing came out of the container so he stepped up to look inside. It was dark and hollow; he stuck his head inside to take a closer examination. It had the appearance of a sort of elevator. There was a railing around the inside and a panel with what looked like painted buttons on the inside wall. He thought maybe it was a conveyance that would take him to the bottom of the sloping tunnel.

He stepped inside the device and the door closed immediately. He felt panic quickly overwhelm him, how was he to get out? He had thoughts that he might suffocate or he would be locked in until the reptiles arrived.

The painted buttons began to glow and a soft golden light without any apparent source came from the ceiling. He touched one of the colored buttons hoping to find the one that opened the door but instead he felt the container vibrate. He felt an upward movement somewhat like what one feels in an elevator. He was terrified and had no idea of what was going on.

Against his better judgment he began to touch the various colored shapes again. The cylinder began to make the most terrible grinding noises and now he began to fear that it might fly apart. It felt as if an elevator cable had broken. It was falling, spinning and making him feel motion sickness. He heard whooshing sounds that seemed to come from around the outside of the cylinder.

He felt mortally threatened by everything that was happening and was afraid to move or punch any more buttons. He lay down on the cold metal floor and tried to brace himself by stretching out his arms and legs against the cylinder wall but it was too wide and slick to get a firm hold. He sincerely regretted getting into this thing and did not want to be in there anymore.

With a small jolt the feeling of movement stopped and there was silence. Justin stood up. The cylinder door opened and a strange looking man with a pale, tired face, large yellow teeth, frizzled gray brown hair and looking like he had not shaved for two days, walked in. He was wearing what appeared to be a one-piece gray jump suit. He gave Justin a cursory glance, touched no buttons and the door closed them both into the capsule.

Justin was too surprised at the man’s presence to say anything. The man, who seemed to be a technician of some sort, calmly waited and paid no attention to Justin. They traveled along for awhile and as Justin was about to ask the man a question the machine stopped again.

The door opened and the bright light of day on the surface of the Earth struck Justin in the eyes and temporarily blinded him. The repairman, if that’s what he was, stepped out and disappeared into the bright sun shine. Justin was about to walk out and follow him but the door closed and the device began to move again, smoothly and silently.

“No!” Justin yelled and pounded on the door. “Let me out!”

Justin was afraid again, for he knew not where he was bound or if he could return home. Maybe the machine was going back to the endless tunnel or the reptile den and his anxiety was quite dreadful.

Again the machine stopped and the door opened upon total blackness. There was no sound, the ceiling light turned off, even the little panel lights had gone out. It seemed to him that the elevator, if that’s what it was, had gone out of service. He peeked out of the open door and saw nothing at all. With caution he stepped outside and the cylinder door shut behind him. He tried pushing the cylinder door button but nothing happened.

Justin felt light headed and the dry air made him feel parched. He stood there until he figured out that he would have to move sometime. He tried the chant for light but nothing lit up. He reached out with his arms and touched a wall.

He walked along the wall for a space. He felt like he was almost floating. He was sort of bouncing along and had trouble keeping his feet on the floor. He got frightened that he might fall into a pit or something and decided to return to the cylinder.

He tried going back the way he came but he ran into a wall that had not been there before. The wall he had first used as a guide was gone. He was lost in the absolute darkness but he could hear nearly silent sliding black panels directing his movements. He walked along the newly-made corridor searching for an exit.

He heard foot steps and then a light was turned on and he saw a tall blonde goddess with thick, wavy hair and large blue eyes. She was in a light blue suit and was walking toward him. He felt love emanate from her and it made him feel relaxed and trusting. Her skin seemed somewhat translucent as if he looked close enough he could see her muscles and veins.

“That travel port hasn’t been used for a very long time,” she said sounding amused.

Overawed by her presence he could only ask, “Do you know where I could get some water?”

“Come with me,” she answered and took him by the hand. They walked through an air lock and down a hallway lined with metal plates and he came to a window. He looked out and was entranced because under bright light he saw grey dust, crags and craters and the Earth was in the sky.

“Where are we?” he asked her.

“You mean you don’t know?” She regarded him skeptically, “On the Moon, of course.”

The idea struck him as absurd but it did explain his feeling of light weight. Out of the window he could see a huge ancient looking metal scaffold that looked like a cross between a skyscraper and an antenna.

“If we’re on the Moon, then what is that big structure?”

“That is the soul collector,” she said.

“The what?”

“This way...” She took him by the hand again and led him off.

This was too much for Justin, who did not know what to believe anymore. ‘It must be a dream,’ he thought. He also thought he was thinking a little too rationally for a dream. He tried to change this reality as a dream changes based on what you think, but it stubbornly remained the same.

She took him through a passage that led to a room beneath the soul collector. They crossed the room on a sealed glass catwalk above what appeared to be odd human hybrids working along a conveyer belt. They were watched over by what looked like a giant praying mantis. He saw that little gray beings seemed to be acting as managers of a factory. Justin noticed they had a plastic like skin without wrinkles and a large head with artificial looking eyes that wrapped around the skull. They were three to four feet tall and twenty five to fifty pounds in weight.

“What are they doing?” Justin asked.

“Humans die and their souls are drawn to the collector to get rid of excess emotional baggage,” she explained. “The gray Archons are pharmacologists of a sort; it’s a simple business transaction to them. They extract pain and love and emotions from souls and sell it as a drug to other creatures that are addicted to such things. The reptilians are especially fond of the fear extract. Here they are finishing the packaging.”

A taller gray looked up at Justin as if he were a piece of meat. “Does he want to eat me?”

The gray seemed almost amused.

“I wouldn’t worry about these grays to much,” she said. “They don’t eat much. They have little emotion and don’t really care about you. He is checking to see if your soul is ready for harvesting.” Justin gulped, the gray turned away. “Looks like you’re not ready,” his guide said and smiled.

Justin did not know if he should feel relief or consternation.

“They’re letting you go because they think you will gather more pain for them.”

As they walked through a door and into another hallway Justin asked, “How long has this been going on?”

“Since the beginning. Earth is an isolated planet on the edge of the Milky Way far from the center of the galaxy where the real enlightened souls live. Souls are banished to Earth due to some defect in their character. Your body is an electrical net that holds the soul temporarily. Think of Earth as a prison where psychotic souls are held. The grays call Earth ‘The Planet of Unawareness’ as if it’s the planet that lulls people into a sleep of ignorance.”

Justin asked, “So once back on Earth will I be safe from them?”

“They know your brainwaves, so they will find you if they want to.”

“How can they tell my brainwaves from the others?”

“It’s like music; every song is different even though each song is made from the same notes.”

“Do they visit the Earth?”

“Your people see the grays in many ways. They mostly come at night in dreams. The grays may be your future progenitors, creating a new human race that is more adjusted to space, like the alien human hybrids on the conveyer belt you saw. They might be ridding Earth of pain so it can evolve, and they might be manipulative figures who distill your pain for a psychic high. They don’t explain. They only deal with the soul; they don’t need the body. They may repair your body but it’s just so you can collect more pain for them.”

“I’ve heard about people being abducted and given anal probes,” he said.

“They’re just getting a reading, the same as a veterinarian with any pet or lab animal. You stick a thermometer up its rectum to get a measurement. Maybe the grays use more highly complex instruments to measure things but your body is no more than a lab animal to them; they have no use for it. It’s the soul they deal in, that is, the pain and fear or love and peace in it.”

“So everyone goes to the Moon when they die?”

“You’re on the Moon. You might say you want to be on the Sun,” she said cryptically. “You might say the Sun created you so as to evolve itself. Some souls turn into light at death. Some souls go to the Sun. Some souls see the fire of the Sun as the light of heaven and some see it as the fires of hell. Other souls go to the Moon where they are drained of excess emotion and recycled. Some souls are cleaned on the Moon and then sent on to the Sun for recycling. Some return to Earth for reincarnation.”

“Where are you from?” he asked her

“The Pleiades is what you call them. Your people call us the Nordics.”

“What happens to your people at death?”

“We have a somewhat similar situation with our own sun.” She opened a door and they entered a kitchen. “You can get water here,” she said.

He opened a cabinet to get a glass for water and found it full of packaged food.

“Why a well stocked kitchen on the Moon?” he asked.

“Different races are living here you know. There are also visitors, some like yourself and others who are invited.”

He helped himself to food and drink. “What is your role in this?”

“Oh I’m just an impartial observer,” she answered with serene amusement.

“I ran into some reptiles,” he said and she said nothing. “They had armor and short leathery wings.”

“Those are soldiers,” she answered. “They aren’t all like that. There are six different species of reptiles and some of them are very gentle and intelligent.”

“Are there a lot of beings on the Moon? How many races are there?”

“Fifty seven,” she answered sounding bored.

“Heinz 57,” he said remembering what they called the mutt he had as a child. She looked at him like she did not have a clue what he was talking about.

“Consider how the Moon never seems to turn,” she said. “The Moon appears to be the same size as the Sun from Earth. It keeps earth’s oceans in place and its orbit shows it was not captured by or birthed from Earth. The Moon is a gigantic hollow steel ball; it is light for its mass and rings like a bell when struck. They are all signs that the reptiles placed the Moon here. Why do you think your people have not been back here officially since 1972?”

“Well then how did they get the Moon here in this orbit?”

“They flew it here and parked it. Think about it, a Moon is the perfect ship to cross space. You can get hit by small meteors and it won’t even matter.”

The idea of reptiles watching over mankind put dread in his heart. He was beginning to realize how terrified of them he had been.

“Don’t worry, you are safe with me,” she said as if reading his emotions. “The reptiles live inside the Moon as they do on the Earth. The grays pay rent to the reptiles with the extracted fear tonic. You know the human brain evolved over a reptile brain. People use hate, ignorance and malice to control others. Politicians like to make people feel afraid. They appeal to the survive-at-any-cost aspect of the reptile brain in humans. The reptile brain controls the desire for food, fighting, fleeing and sex. You shouldn’t be like the reptiles, cold blooded and merciless. You know better. You should be above that state. You are the most developed of mammals mentally and physically on the surface of your planet. Unfortunately your animal instincts often hold you back.”

“I saw a reptile turn into the president in front of me.”

“It’s just a trick they do,” she sounded irritated like she was frustrated at having to deal with a slow child. “It’s like a chameleon. They can change their appearance. They can change physically but they are also very good at hypnosis, the way a snake charms a rat.”

He shivered; he did not want to become a reptile’s rat again.

“The reptiles are from Draco originally. You’ve heard of Dracula? They believe they are the most perfect of creatures. They have always interacted with human secret societies. Take Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent and the ‘serpent’ in the story of Adam and Eve. The reptiles have used various satanic groups of humans since Babylon to their own ends. Augustus Caesar was part reptilian and he began a bloodline that included Nero. Justinian was a complete reptile in human skin and he seldom ate or slept. Some of the richest families in your time are of reptilian bloodlines. The names of some of those families have been changed several times over the millennia.”

She looked up as if she heard something. “I need to confer with the other Nordics,” she said. “Stay here, I’ll be back soon.” She brushed against him and her clothes felt unpleasant to him. They reminded him of the shell of an insect. He could tell that she was heavier and denser than she looked.

Justin found a bathroom and took a much needed shower. He was reluctant to put on his dirty and dusty clothes but he had nothing else to wear so he cleaned them as well as he could and put them back on. He went back to the kitchen and helped himself to more food and drink.

When she returned Justin asked her, “Surely our government must know about the people and structures on the Moon?”

“Surely,” she answered coldly. “We’re going to take you back to Earth. No one here wants to be responsible for your life. You’re in luck; some of my people have some business with the master and will be leaving soon.”

Justin was not sure he should say anything but he asked, “Who is the master?”

“You will find out soon enough.” She led him out of the kitchen and they walked to a large chamber.

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Copyright © 2008 by Michael Alan Potter

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