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A Lover Lost

by Mel Waldman

a lover lost falling far into a fragmentary memory of tomorrow
an imaginary tryst with his beloved who speaks to him from a distant place

a phantom dreamscape for a lover lost in the Sea of Thanatos
where divine dreams are stolen launched into space-time and lost forever

a lover lost in a dark ocean of oblivion never touching tomorrow
but traveling across an invisible universe seeking his woman
who now lives in the earth

a lover lost coming home at last
the past is tomorrow
and tomorrow is dead
and yet he is compelled to seek the ghost of a ghost
of the woman he loves forever as he breathes his final breaths

a lover lost, but after death and dust there must be divine reunion,
for his love transcends life and death so he must believe
and when he lets go he falls asleep in the still earth forever waiting,
perhaps for an eerie birth

Copyright © 2008 by Mel Waldman

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