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What’s in Issue 282

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Novel Slawomir Rapala, The Three Kings
Duke Vahan and his son Iskald are ready to ride to Uaal to visit Dynah’s tomb, but the captain of the guards is missing, and Aezubah has seen an omen of war: Chapter 1: Troubled Tides, part 4; part 5.
Serials O. J. Anderson, As Good as Dead
Jack Creed realizes that he and his men are up against a home-grown enemy, one that is far worse than space aliens: Chapter 4; Chapter 5; Chapter 6, part 1, part 2.

New contributor Stevan Allred shows Ray Volpe going to a dinner with his parents and brother, some neighbors, and his father’s unexpected guest: The Painted Man, part 1; part 2.
New contributor Fiona Davis shows that the subconscious sometimes desperately needs the control of the conscious mind in the creative process: The Dream Machine, part 1; conclusion.

New contributor Lark Lucente takes Luke hunting for a solution to his grandfather’s mysterious disappearance: Luke’s Last Page, part 1; conclusion.

New contributor Alan G. Pittman explains all the trouble you ever had in your school days: Impish Behaviour.

Though outgrown, a child’s toy may nonetheless remain a favorite for more than sentimental reasons: Josh Skinner, PAL, part 1; conclusion.
The ultimate act is explainable only by the one who commits it: Tim Simmons, The Pact.

Nick fears dentistry, but a new anesthetic ensures that he’ll have luxuriantly clean teeth: Richard H. Williams, Some Fun with the Dental Technician.
Poetry John Stocks, Dog Days
Crystalwizard, The Guest House
Anna Ruiz, An Alphabet Laid Bare
Drama If an indignity and adversity are bad, consolation may be found in recalling worse ones: Mel Waldman, A Jew in the House of Terror.
Contest 4 Gary Inbinder, Eels


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Stevan Allred, Fiona Davis, Lark Lucente, and Alan G. Pittman.
Challenge Doug Hiser responds to Challenge 281.
Challenge 282 consults Auguries of Greater Light.
The Art
NASA: Endeavour Spacewalk 8
NASA: Picture of the Day
The Reading
Susie Hawes reviews William P. Haynes, The Shaman and the Rose.

Bewildering Stories News

Contest 4: The votes in Contest 4, “Parodise Loosed,” were very close. We’ll bring you one of the winners each week, starting with Gary Inbinder’s “Eels.”

Micro Award: Robert Laughlin reports: ‘Submissions are now being taken for the 1st Annual Micro Award, an award for previously published short fiction not over 1,000 words in length. Authors and editors may each submit one story published in 2007. The submission deadline for this year’s Micro Award is September 30. Submissions may be mailed to Micro Award, P.O. Box 9110, Chico CA 95927-9110. Rules are posted at the Micro Award Official Website’.

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“Poems are not made with ideas; they are made with words.” — Stéphane Mallarmé
Ars longa, vita brevis. Rough translation: “Proofreading never ends.”

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