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What’s in Issue 280

Novel Slawomir Rapala, The Three Kings
The legendary general Aezubah is growing old; a new generation will succeed him. But Aezubah’s successor must first learn whence the old warrior’s greatness came...
Novella Bertil Falk, Under the Green Sun of Slormor
Nature is a temple where living pillars
Sometimes emit half-heard words;
Man travels through its forests of symbols,
Which watch him with a hidden smile.
— Baudelaire, Correspondances
The grandfather and Parvrin emerge from the forests of symbols that are the key to their past and future, but Slormor remains mysteriously real.
Chapter 8: Consolation Island in the Lake of Blood, part 1; part 2
Chapter 9: At Home, conclusion
Serials A lowly spaceship’s porter suvives a crash on an alien planet. To his temporary delight, he finds himself the opposite of Robinson Crusoe: Bill Bowler, Bodkins the Great, part 1; part 2; part 3.

New contributor Leona Rigger introduces Allunai, an outcast on a human-occupied world. After rescuing an injured Jerinn, she learns the meaning of “enemy mine”: Marked for Eradication, part 1; part 2.
New contributor Zuku Saki wakes you up like Rip Van Winkle and hands you a bag loaded with money. Now what? Confound Interest, part 1; conclusion.

Slaking one’s thirst for vengeance is seldom a good idea. Afterwards you may say “That just wasn’t me...”: Pete Sierra, Letter to a Future Self.

‘That old man river, he must know somethin’...’ And Fred is going to find out what it is, now that the river runs through the basement of his house: Arthur Vibert, The River, part 1; conclusion.

What happened to the seventh fish at Christmas dinner? Jerry Vilhotti, Missing Fish.
New contributor Lesley Mace takes literally the expression ‘to bottle up one’s feelings’: Broken Glass.
Poetry Mary B. McArdle, Ocean Voyage
John Stocks, Angel
Michael Lee Johnson, I Trip on My Poems
Anna Ruiz, O Poet
Essay Goddesses play a big part in the abundance of creation myths: Tala Bar, Creation in Myth and Literature.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Lesley Mace, Leona Rigger, and Zuku Saki.
Challenge Challenge 279 Response: David Lipp, “Water Rights”
Challenge 280: Angel in the Sand
The Art
NASA: Endeavour Spacewalk 6
NASA: Picture of the Day
The Reading
Danielle L. Parker reviews Simon R. Green, The Man With the Golden Torc.
Editorial Jerry Wright, xxx

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