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Paranoid Chickens

by Anna Ruiz

They say
chickens are sick
and getting more and more paranoid
once they’re on ‘enhancement steroids’.

who knows
what folks are eating and drinking
that creates those
feelings of cosmic sinking
and everything is stinking thinking

bigger boobies
and larger peni
make Jack and Jill
fall over every hill

and dale when life
still comes full throttle
and no relief is
inside any bottle

the way of the loaded gun
really is not a whole lot of fun
leaves a lot of dead people lying all around
gnashing of teeth is much more than an ironical sound

there is no such thing as ‘friendly persuasion’,
uncertainty slips by, a ghost of a chance, so go
fill-up your gas tank and return to somewhere really really slow,
faster than the speed of light
go one step beyond, open that door of insight
party like there’s no last dance,
let no stone remain unturned in 1969
fly into sun before 2012 or is it 1984?

the sky is falling, darling.

Wink I think.

Copyright © 2007 by Anna Ruiz

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