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The Illuminati Kidnap
the Blindfolded Virgo

by Anna Ruiz

Blind earth holds the gilded Libran scales of
poetic justice
a feather tips the balance
the Arc of the Covenant
has been desecrated
The Four Horsemen
ride backwards on fleeting
nightmares of destruction,

it is the eve of the Apocalypse Now,
pale ghost riders of a burning sky
live in the House of Usher

willful deceivers enact the rage of God
even though ten thousand stories
speak truer words

angels bear witness to the Light:
bare-fisted and blue-blooded mankind
flicker and die out like a prayer-lit candle,
an eventual horizon
awakens in the Mayan Sun

begets the first day under a crusading moon,

The Blindfolded Virgin is kidnapped by the Illuminati,
held without trial,
she is locked in the prison of an unsurrendered heart.

Copyright © 2007 by Anna Ruiz

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