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The Aura Seekers

by Ian Duncan Smith

Those who believe they have an aura do not know what poets can see.
They admit their condition is unhealthy.
They have no desire to improve.
They refuse to be governed by an inner voice.
They don’t want isolation and mistrust.
They are tired of being out of control.
They are sick of committing acts without thinking.
They have to know you to see where you lead them.
They have nothing but trust and you will abuse it.
For aura seekers are in great pain.
And their pain is worse than anybody’s.
For you had no business seeing their pain.
You played games they did not play.
You wanted them to contemplate.
You were not honest with yourself,
And you dwelled too long on hate and negative energy.
Those who believe they have an aura take great care of it.
Taking care of their aura is very important.
They like balancing their aura.
They know it is a full time job.
After a few hours they will give up.

Copyright © 2007 by Ian Duncan Smith

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