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Dear John

by Kenneth Nichols

World Premiere
Heartland Music Channel
July 22, 2068

She believed that e-mail wouldn’t do
When abandoning a lover.
Licked that envelope with a happy smile,
My replacement right above her.

She swore a lifetime to me,
But that lasted sixty years.
She looks the same as then;
All I have is Synthe-Beer.

I can’t go on without her —
Can’t remember life alone.
We lived each day together
Before nanobots were known.

Now she’s with an asteroid miner,
Half-time the speed of light.
Living out her first time forever,
Sent that letter out of spite.

I feel her presence upon it,
Her saliva sealed our doom.
Even an android girlfriend
Couldn’t fill our empty room.

I missed everything about my wife,
Her touch, her feel, her taste.
But thanks to how she sent that letter
I can have that girl replaced.

Copyright © 2007 by Kenneth Nichols

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