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Stressing Out Part the Second

And, just as soon as we get Bewildering Stories up and available, what happens? I'll tell you what happens... Those blankety blank clowns who provide us with Internet Access, yes, our friends from our local electrical utility, the Grant Public Utility District, appropriately known as the PUD, have our gateway quit on us, due to that lightning strike of a couple of weeks ago.

Of course, originally, everything was just wonderful (it says here}. So, when did it decide to die? 10pm on a Friday night, with no one available in the Network Operations Center (or NOC) to fix the problem. So everything died. No email, no BwS, no Bewildering Press, nada. So Saturday, I tried diligently to get stuff up and running, but no joy.

Finally I called a friend who is an ISP in a town 20 miles away. "Can I hook my server up to YOUR network?" Being the nice guy he is, Steve said sure. So I dragged the computer that holds our stuff down to Ephrata, hooked it up, gave it a new address, and lo-and-behold, we were back on line. Only of course, no one could find us, because they were looking for the old address.

Hours of fiddling with GoDaddy, our registrar, and finally, we are back. Only it takes up to 48 hours to have the new address ripple throughout the internet universe. And people in England had access before people in the USA. Figures.

Now we're looking for a new home. Probably in Japan or Korea. I mean, why not?

Love you all, take care, and good night.

Copyright © 2007 by Jerry Wright

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