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by Anna Ruiz

I shall have an affair with you,
just right
the colour of your ripeness,
now after a short refrigeration
for a certain coolness,
I take you out, already drooling
at the thought of you,
cut your skin off,
your scent of memory
permeates the room
with a delicious intoxication

I am heady with the feel of you

my mouth wraps around you as
my lips fondle you, my teeth sink
into you and I bite with a passion that
only taste can elicit,
oh you are such flesh of gold!

you run down my mouth corners, sweet
juice, flavouring my skin,
with your perfection, our consummation

hungry like a wolf for you, I am greedy
and nothing is left but an oblong pit
I suck until the yellow is gone
your juice I lick off my lips,
my fingers are passionately jealous,
not wishing to leave any trace of you

next time I’ll have to strip naked.

Copyright © 2007 by Anna Ruiz

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