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What’s in Issue 251

Novella Bob Brill, Adventures of a Botanist
Dr. Doolittle could walk and talk with the animals, but what might plants have to say to us? Perhaps they have not only minds of their own but intentions and plans we really ought to discuss with them...
Chapter 1: X Eats Y, part 1; part 2
Serials New contributor Fahim Farook stages a comic intrigue in a virtual environment: The Wyrm’s Lair, part 1; part 2.

New contributor Ranvir Singh Parmar opens with a kind of comic nightmare scenario: a husband caught in a compromising tête-à-tête with another woman; but it quickly leads to depths of memory: Creepers and Grapevines, chapter 1.
Dean Francis Alfar presents a true fable in a modern style, where a spider family is rent by dissent with tradition: Into the Morning

New contributor Joshua Babcock poses an epic battle with those who would make time stand still: The Tome of the Time-Siege, part 1; conclusion.

A simple case of murder? No, in these cases, nothing is ever simple: B J Bourg, Smells Like Rain.

New contributor Olga Godim introduces us to a lad with paranormal powers in a coming of age story: Kyrill’s Wishes, part 1; part 2; conclusion.

New contributor Timothy Hollinger wonders how disregard for trees might affect the elder gods: Yggdrasil.
New contributor Glenn Gray rings a change on alien shape-shifters. What if they really hadn’t much of a clue what shapes to shift to? A Day in the Cornfield.
Poetry Bill Bowler, Speaking in Tongues
New contributor Arnold Hollander, Nuclear Midnight
John Stocks, St Paul’s Café


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Joshua Babcock, Fahim Farook, Olga Godim, Glenn Gray, and Ranvir Singh Parmar
Of Cabbages and Things
Cyrano de Bergerac, The Other World, episode 28: Go to the Cabbage, and Be Wise
Challenge Challenge 251: Out Where the Short Corn Grows
Letters Bertil Falk, A Surprise Nomination
John Stocks, A Poetry Landmark
The Art
Photo Album: New contributor George Georgoulas, Amethyst Blossom
NASA: Picture of the Day
Steven Utley reviews 20 Million Miles to Earth

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