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Novel Gary Inbinder, Noble Lies
Luddy faces Finn in a final duel, which is intended to prove once and for all the authenticity of the Spear of Fate:
Chapter 21, part 3; part 4
Chapter 22, part 1; part 2 conclusion
When Jack Creed lures interdimensional saurians to their doom, you do not want to be the bait in the trap: O. J. Anderson, Not Dead Enough, part 1; conclusion.

Is this the world of tomorrow? If not, check your appliances carefully; it may be the world of today: Mark Eller, Scrubbed.

In an old curio shop of abandoned sorrows, customers must sometimes make hard choices: Alan Frackelton, Abernathy’s Sorrow, part 1; conclusion.

What might happen to the career of a virtuoso violinist in an age of runaway technology? Kenneth Nichols, The Return of Arturo, part 1; conclusion.

Creative constructions can catch the conscience of the criminal critic! Joe Vadalma, Pop-Art Nightmare.
The invading alien overlords learn one thing from Earth: reality TV. And they take it to a new level: Jonathan Bishop, A Vicious Cycle.

Are you afraid of the dark? No? You will be now: Roberto Sanhueza, At Dusk.

What is this story about? I forget... João Ventura, The Sad Story of Dr. Amnes Eek.
Poetry Anna Ruiz, Behaving Like a Statue
John Stocks, The Six-Thirty for St Pancras
Scott Gano, Snap
Mary B. McArdle, Midsummer
Essay Bertil Falk recounts the illustrious career of Leigh Brackett: More Than a Queen of Space Opera! part 1; conclusion.


Challenge Challenge 250 says Hail Luddy. What Next?
Letters Crystalwizard writes about Response Time Reports to Duotrope.
The Art
Crystalwizard, Port Taranus
NASA: Picture of the Day

Bewildering Stories News

Second Quarterly Review: Next week brings you the long-awaited Second Quarterly Review with the Editors’ Choices from issues 239-250. We will resume regular publication with issue 251 on July 9th.

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