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by Anna Ruiz

Emerging from her chrysalis
a butterfly’s wings unfurl:
a painstakingly careful movement,
now wet and shining
in newly established brilliance.


Even the birds dare not fly.
Insects stop crucial activity.
The ground breaks its labyrinth.
A moon falls in tears.
A moment descends in resignation.

She flies into your hand.
You are astonished
and have no idea why.
You hold her in your left palm
and hesitate. “No,” you say,
“I cannot keep this winged creature,
it is too beautiful,
it would surely break my heart.”

She flies away and you watch.
Your jaw clenches,
you shudder,
you just know it was your own spirit
you released,
an unspoken promise
a remembrance
returned to you,
a Fascination Waltz
with your Beloved.

Copyright © 2007 by Anna Ruiz

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